Instant Mediations Podcast, Plus

The “Plus” is that I have over the past month recorded a few video sessions on topics related to ADR and ODR. There’s a video on Standards and Ethics that I did with – Standards (from @00:39:00 through 01:04:25) – and one that I did in conjuction with the ODRLatinoAmerica Expo on ODR as a choice of communication channels – ODR as Com (from @04:10:30-04:27:30 and @04:36:30-04:39:30). In addition, I just recorded a shortish (20 minute) session with Mac and Natalia from Instant Mediations. This session will be part of an ongoing podcast and streamed series on various topics related to mediation. The session I just recorded is available here – Human. All of the sessions will be available through the Instant Mediations web site – IM