Mary Parker Follett Award Announcement

The Association for Conflict Resolution has formally announced the Association’s award recipients for 2017.  I am honored to be the recipient of the Mary Parker Follett award.  The announcement can be found at this link:  Award.

ACR describes the award as follows:

The Mary Parker Follett Award is presented to an individual who has shown a passion and willingness to take risks; in tackling a contemporary problem or opportunity in the field of dispute resolution; has used innovative and experimental techniques; and draws upon the talents and ideas of all persons involved. Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933) was an early advocate of resolving conflict by encouraging parties to integrate interests into negotiations. During the mid-1920s, Follett shifted her focus from community group processes to the field of business. Business leaders sought her advice on how to manage their enterprises, and she became a featured speaker at national and international business conferences. Her talks were drawn together and published posthumously in the influential book Dynamic Administration.

Information about Mary Parker Follett can be found at this link:  Network.