Wrapping Up . . . .

The photo is from last night, at the last meeting of one of the two most recent ODR classes – with students from the US, Brazil, and Angola. Tonight Ana and I will wrap up the first Australian edition of the class – after 8 class meetings over 15 weeks. In addition to these online classes, I’m finally getting to the finish line with some other things that will wrap up from now through the beginning of February.

  • A law school ODR course for McGeorge School of Law (University of the Pacific);
  • Editing the 2nd Edition of ODR Theory and Practice (edited with Ethan Katsh and Mohamed Abdel Wahab, now in the hands of the publisher);
  • Editing the latest edition of the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution;
  • Contributing a chapter on ODR and the courts to a book being published in Brazil (with Larry Bridgesmith).

There are a lot of other irons in the fire, but these are finally coming off my to-do list. I’m smiling.