Green Pledge

HSI, the company that is basically the practice home for Julia Morelli and Daniel Rainey is a signatory to the Carbon Emmission Pledge – the “Green Pledge.”  Although the pledge specifically refers to mediation, HSI and I are committed to honoring the pledge in all of the work we do (mediation, facilitation, arbitration, peacebuilding, etc.).  The pledge was presented by the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change – the website for the Alliance and the pledge sign-up page can be found at GREEN PLEDGE.

Carbon Emission Pledge

Daniel Rainey is a supporter of and signatory to the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change (WoMACC).

I have committed to minimising the environmental impact of each case or project in which we are involved in the ways outlined in the Pledge, including avoiding unnecessary travel and using electronic technology wherever possible.

I am also committed to encouraging those with whom I work similarly to minimise their carbon emissions.