Prague ODR Forum Next Week

The ODR Forum is coming up next week in Prague, and it appears that there will be a lot of e-commerce activity surrounding the Forum this year.  Last Friday (June 15) the U.S. State Department held a follow on meeting to discuss the developments at the recent New York meeting of the UNCITRAL ODR Working Group, and it appears that at least one of the U.S. government participants from those meetings will be in Prague.  The level of activity is invigorating, with legislation or project development at five levels:  discrete commercial sites (e.g., eBay), individual countries (e.g., Spain and Italy), groups of countries operating within established political structures (e.g., the European Union), groups of countries operating in concert outside of an over-riding political structure (e.g., the Latin American initiative coming from Buenos Aires), and the UNCITRAL project driven on the Track I level by the UN.  Also at the Forum will be the most recent attempt to bridge the divide between e-commerce and the rest of the ADR world –