A Mixed Week

This has been an up and down week on the East Coast, as you might imagine.    On the up side, although some of us on this coast found life a little disrupted, there was still record participation in CyberWeek, which is one more testament to the fact that the use of technology to address various kinds of conflict situations is no longer on the fringe.  The level of the discussions, both in terms of numbers and in terms of quality, was remarkable, as was the amount of new information that surfaced during the week.  It is always the case that even those of us who think about technology and conflict engagement a lot will find in the CyberWeek interactions something to stretch our thinking or open up new ways of looking at the world.  Again this year, sincere thanks to the Werner Institute at Creighton for hosting, and thanks to Cornell for reviving the online mediation competition.

On the down side, PeaceTones did not win the Innovating Justice award, but we were one of the final three programs in consideration for the award, and that speaks volumes about the vision and the great heart of Jeff Aresty, who was there at The Hague representing PeaceTones.