Buenos Aires Mediation Class

On our recent visit to Buenos Aires, Julia and I had the pleasure of having a discussion with the students in Alberto Elisavetsky’s mediation course – we had a particularly lively discussion about process, caucuses, etc., during which one of the students really defended their basic process and questioned the use of caucuses (particularly pre-session caucuses).   Interestingly, the model used by the Center, and in some university courses in BA, is basically the “Harvard model” (interest based).  The students in this course were all professionals, working as CPA’s or in other economic fields, so our discussion may have been different if we’d been talking with family mediators or workplace mediators, but the basic interest based model, with little overt adaptation for culture, seems to be the baseline model for mediation in Argentina.  Coincidentally, the issue of the ABA Dispute Resolution Journal that came while we were in BA contained an article on caucusing, which I shared with Alberto for distribution to his class.

Here’s Alberto’s Facebook post regarding the session with Julia and me:

Encuentro con mediadores de Estados Unidos, Odr Latinoamerica facilito un encuentro presencial en Buenos Aires Argentina a temario abierto con los Profesores Dan Rainey Director del National Mediation Board de los Estados Unidos & la Profesora Julia Morelli especialista en conflictos en el ámbito del trabajo del estado de Virginia (EEUU), con un grupo de mediadores profesionales en Ciencias Económicas.