ODR Theory & Practice – 1st Edition

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1:  ODR – A Look at History

Chapter 2:  ODR and the Development of Theory

Chapter 3:  Lessons from Online Dispute Resolution for Dispute Systems Design

Chapter 4:  Artificial Intelligence and Online Dispute Resolution

Chapter 5:  Mobiles and ODR:  Why We Should Care

Chapter 6:  Knitting the Security Blanket for New Market Opportunities

Chapter 7:  ODR and E-Commerce

Chapter 8:  Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers

Chapter 9:  ODR and Reputation Systems

Chapter 10:  ODR and Culture

Chapter 11:  ODR and Interpersonal Trust

Chapter 12:  ODR and Government

Chapter 13:  ODR and Justice

Chapter 14:  ODR and the Courts

Chapter 15:  ODR and Ombudsmanship

Chapter 16:  ODR and eNegotiation

Chapter 17:  e-Mediation

Chapter 18:  ODR and E-Arbitration – Trends and Challenges

Chapter 19:  ODR in North America

Chapter 20:  ODR in Europe

Chapter 21:  The Promise and Reality of ODR in Australia

Chapter 22:  ODR in Asia

Chapter 23:  ODR in Latin America – Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 24:  ODR for Africa