PeaceTones Concert











Last night at Montserrat House in DC, JayArr (on the left with his hand raised) and Carolyn Malachi (on the right in mid-song) did a benefit performance for PeaceTones.  Although I was a bit disappointed at the turnout, I was not at all disappointed in the spirit in the room and the commitment to the PeaceTones goals of using music to encourage social change and to empower those who live in post conflict (and active conflict) environments.

I have a very close emotional connection to PeaceTones, not least because it was born of a conversation between Jeff Aresty and me while we were lost on Paradise Lane in Liverpool some years ago.  PeaceTones is intentionally run with a narrow margin for survival – 90% of any money raised goes to the artist and the social project of her or his choice.  That means that events like the one last night are crucial for PeaceTones’ sustainability.  If there’s one in your town, please support the artists by coming out for some good music and good company.  You can find info on the project and the artists at PeaceTones.

Sorry about the grainy photos – an iPhone in low light will only yield so much . . . .